Alma Mater

Georgia Southern University's alma mater, adopted in 1990 when the school achieved university status, draws from the previous versions of the song. Eliciting memories of the beautiful campus and reminding alumni of the progress of the institution, the alma mater is sung at many events and concludes each Commencement ceremony. When the words of the chorus "On Eagles' wings you soar" rise from the stage during the spring Commencement ceremony, Freedom, the University's live bald eagle soars over the graduates, marking the beginning of their future careers.

On September 4, 2010, Head Football Coach Jeff Monken started a new tradition of having the entire football team gather at the student section after each game to sing the alma mater.

From humble farm beginnings
Sprung up from the sandy earth
Among the tow'ring pine trees
Stands a treasure of great worth.

Her price cannot be measured
In silver or in gold
But in the love and loyalty
That many hearts enfold.

Georgia Southern University.
On Eagles' wings you soar.
We pledge to you our loyalty
And love for ever more.

Through triumphs and through trials
Our Alma Mater's stood
As solid as the oak tree
For justice and for good.

As through these gates we travel
And though our ways must part,
Our Georgia Southern mem'ries
We'll keep within our hearts.

Lyrics by Caryl Cain Brown, music by David Matthew