Beautiful Eagle Creek

When Georgia Southern resurrected the football program in 1981, football traditions and spirit needed to be resurrected as well. A drainage ditch, swarmed by gnats and filled with stagnant, brownish water, cut across the area between the team's lockerroom and the practice fields. The Eagles had to cross it everyday before and after football practice. Legendary Head Football Coach Erk Russell convinced his squad that this was not any ordinary tributary, but that it was "Beautiful Eagle Creek, the source of "magical"" waters.

When the Eagles traveled to Northern Iowa during the 1985 playoffs, Coach Russell brought along a jug of the Eagle Creek water to sprinkle on the opponent's field inspiring his players. The Eagles were victorious, going on to win their first national championship that year and then many more afterwards, with the help, of course, of Eagle Creek water.

Seeking relief after practice during the sizzling summers, players and Coach Russell would do back flips into the creek to cool off. According to Eagle Creek legend, players who had suffered injuries would dip their wounded parts into the "magical waters" because they believed that they would be healed.