Honoring a Legacy

Known for his unique motivational techniques, one of legendary football Coach Erk Russell's favorite demonstrations of intensity was to head butt his players. Players were often taken back by this gesture because Russell would use his bare head against their helmets, often resulting in blood flowing down from his head or the bridge of his nose.

In honor of Coach Russell, local businessmen, the Eagle Players Association and members of the community commissioned and dedicated a bronze bust of the coach, entitled "Game Day,' near the Eagle football team's entrance to the field. After the unveiling of the bust at the home opener in 2007, the Eagles' football players began a new tradition. They walked over to the bust and touched their foreheads to the top of the bust. The rest is history and is now one of the most unique traditions in all of college football. A picture of Eagle players embracing this new tradition featured in Georgia Southern Magazine gave it further momentum and now students, faculty, staff, alumni, and fans go out of their way to pay homage to the legendary coach.