One More Time

Calling out to the fans to give the Eagle players recognition after winning their second straight national championship in 1986, legendary coach Erk Russell said, "Hey ladies, hey fellas, hey gentlemen, One More Time for the greatest team in America."

Russell, one of the best motivators at any level of college football, knew that when the game was on the line, or when he needed to rally his squad "one more time," this phrase would light a fire. Russell coached the Eagles to three national championships and Georgia Southern added three more commemorative title flags to the Paulson Stadium flagpole.

"One More Time" has become the motto of Georgia Southern football fans and the phrase persuades the Eagles to go out and play hard "one more time."

In a tribute to Coach Russell, Georgia Southern students started a new tradition. At the beginning of each game and during every kick off, Eagle fans twirl their hats, pom-poms or their arms above their heads, chanting "GOOOO .... Blue ...." ending with the fans yelling "One More Time" after the ball is kicked off. New Eagle fans may not immediately understand the significance of this tribute, but once explained to them, the chill bumps become contagious.