Sweetheart Circle

Some universities have squares, Georgia Southern University has Sweetheart Circle. Sweetheart Circle derives its name from what students used to call the "Sweetheart Campus." Aptly named, the heart-shaped formation at the front of the main campus grew from a hub of campus life to a legend.

When the University was first built in 1906, the entire campus was comprised of Sweetheart Circle and the three Georgian-style red-brick and columned buildings. Most times the boys and girls were not allowed to cross the imaginary line that ran through campus, serving to separate the two groups, On special occasions (outside of class) boys and girls were allowed to socialize on Sweetheart Circle, supervised by members of the Administration, of course.

Juliet Oliver ('51) recalled the lower end of the circle provided just enough seclusion to carry on an intimate conversation with an upperclassman, E. Mills Tarver ('50), whom she later married.

The rolling lawn spread with picturesque live oaks and pecan trees has played host to numerous important events in the University's history, including countless marriage proposals and wedding ceremonies - a tradition that continues today. It is said that if you walk around the circle three times with your sweetheart, you are sure to be married.