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FYE 1220 First-Year Seminar

First-Year Seminar is an introduction to college that fosters academic engagement, information literacy, and global citizenship. This course allows students to develop and apply information literacy skills and to engage with their degree programs, campus resources, and the university community. Students take this course during their first semester at Georgia Southern unless they enter as a transfer student with 30 hours or more.

Students will . . .

  1. Develop and apply information literacy skills in academic and non-academic contexts by:
    1. Determining the nature and extent of information needs to answer a question, explore a topic, solve a problem, and/or complete a project.
    2. Identifying and accessing sources for their informational needs while critically evaluating information for its currency, relevancy, authority, accuracy, and purpose.
  2. Engage with degree programs and pathways by focusing on career growth mindset by:
    1. Researching potential majors and evaluating the extent to which expectations align with personal and career goals
    2. Examining expectations and skills necessary for successfully engaging in an increasingly global workforce.

Last updated: 1/29/2024