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May 11, 2020: Attendance Verification for Summer 2020

Dear Faculty,

The transition to remote and online delivery for the Summer term has presented a new challenge with Attendance Verification. In consultation with our Learning Management System (LMS) team, we have developed a solution for Attendance Verification that should make the process smoother for both you and your students. 

Instead of the course instructor submitting attendance through the link in the Dashboard, students will be confirming their attendance by completing a (non-credit, one-question) quiz in the course Folio site. As they complete the quiz, it will automatically confirm their attendance in the course. 
Students will be receiving communications via email, an injection page when they log-in to MyApps, and a News item in each Folio course site. The LMS team will pre-load both the quiz and the News item, so you will not need to create your own. Many instructors use a day-one engagement assignment; if you do, please use that in addition to automatic quiz, not in place of it. Students will be using this pre-loaded quiz in all of their courses, so this assignment needs to be consistent.

We do ask that you reach out to all students in your course(s) both the day before classes begin and the morning of the first day of classes to remind them to access the course and complete the quiz as part of your beginning of term communications with them. If students do not complete the attendance verification quiz by Thursday morning (May 21st at 9:00am), we will send you links to the list of students in your course(s) who are enrolled but have not yet responded to the quiz.  We’ll ask you to send a final reminder email to complete attendance verification to those students.  


Office of the Provost

Last updated: 8/18/2021