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May 18, 2021: Changes to Summer Term COVID Policies and Procedures

Dear Faculty,

I want to send you a quick note of clarification about the COVID guidelines sent out last week by the USG. While the header of the memo says Fall 2021, the USG included guidance for both the fall and summer terms. Below are our policies and procedures for summer.

  • The change in CDC and GDPH/USG guidelines means that masks are no longer required for people who are fully vaccinated. However, we cannot require or ask about vaccinations, so this will have to be done on the honor system.
  • Since we have already set the summer schedule, all our summer courses will follow the spring pattern for seating limits and room set-ups. While social distancing is not required, our rooms are still set-up to encourage six feet of distance.
  • Laboratory, studios, and theaters can have enhanced enrollments. For labs and studios, all standard PPE should be used.
  • Please continue to follow the statements/announcements from the spring regarding health. If you do not feel well, please do not come to class, avoid other people, contact the CARES portal, and work with your students on remote instruction or make-up work. Please make sure that any course attendance policy is clearly indicated on your syllabus and Folio site.
  • The university will begin removing COVID campus signage this week, which will continue through the end of the month. Please do not remove the signs yourself because the adhesive may cause damage if not removed properly.
  • COVID ADA accommodations will remain in place through July 5 or the end of summer term B for qualifying faculty, staff, and students (via SARC) who are teaching or enrolled in those classes.

The fall term should look very close to pre-COVID days. As the summer progresses, we will provide you with more details. The most up-to-date information continues to be posted on the Georgia Southern Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic page: Please refer your students to that resource as well.

Thank you all for your hard work this summer,

Carl L. Reiber

Provost & Vice President Academic Affairs

Last updated: 8/13/2021