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Policy – Special Course Fees


Special course fees are warranted where the proposed fee results in enhancement of the educational experience beyond that ordinarily provided. Special course fees are permitted in course offerings where the University incurs continuing and significant expenses for services or materials supplied directly to students. Examples of courses that may be included are laboratory and studio courses that involve substantial use of supplies, provide private instruction or mentoring for students, or depend on the regular availability of specialized equipment and/or software with current capabilities. Courses that make regular use of general-purpose computers supported by Student Technology Fees shall not institute special course fees for purchase of computers. Courses which are normally supported through special allocations or grants are not eligible for special fee consideration.

Establishing a Special Course Fee

A request for a special course fee may be initiated when the department or program believes that the level of expense in a course validates the need for such a fee. The request shall include a short justification for the fee with a description of how the fee revenue is intended to be spent, a specific proposal that identifies the amount of the fee to be charged, a budget that details the anticipated revenue and expenses associated with the fee account, evidence that the faculty in the department or program have discussed the fee, and the value added for the course in which the special fee will be charged. Requests for special fees must be reviewed and approved by the appropriate college dean before being forwarded to the Provost for approval. The Provost shall discuss the proposal with the President. If approved, the Provost shall forward the proposal to the Bursar’s Office for implementation. Students may not be assessed special course fees that have not been approved by the Provost and received by the Bursar’s Office. Once approved, a special course fee shall be noted in the official schedule of classes, and the fee shall be added to the tuition and fees billed when a student registers for the course. Should a student seek a refund, the fee shall be subject to Board of Regents refund policies.

Management of Fee Accounts

Revenue generated by special course fees must be expended by the end of the fiscal year, and expenditures shall be restricted to those purposes identified in the department’s approved fee request. The balance of funds in each department’s special course fee account shall be reviewed by the Dean and the Provost at the end of the fiscal year. Accumulation of significant fund balances may prompt reduction of the course fee; small balances may be used for supplies or equipment to enhance direct service to students enrolled in the particular course.

Last updated: 5/17/2016