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The Division of Academic Affairs Establishes The Institute for Innovative and Integrated Studies 

Recognizing that Georgia Southern University must build and adapt educational programs at a pace and scale to meet the education needs of a rapidly changing regional economic landscape and that traditional academic structures face multiple barriers that hinder its ability to quickly respond and innovate, the Division of Academic Affairs is excited to establish the Institute for Innovative and Integrated Studies (I3S) at Georgia Southern University.

“I am excited to lead this much-needed change for Georgia Southern,” said Assistant Vice President for Strategic Initiatives Delana Schartner, Ph.D. “As I have talked to campus partners about the vision for this institute, everyone has a new idea about how they can be a part of something different, whether they want to let their bottled-up academic creativity shine or to be at the forefront of truly innovative programs that attract adults to Georgia Southern for the purpose of improving their lives.”

The I3S will work to upend the traditional model of higher education by breaking down silos and building innovative and industry-responsive curricula, delivery models, and pedagogies to fully integrate the education and career pathways of students. Career-focused programming will be aligned with nationally recognized work-ready skills, competencies and learning outcomes. The I3S will house Adult and Online Learning, Continuing and Professional Education, and the Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies (BIS), along with a number of interdisciplinary minors, to improve speed to credential or degree through credit for prior learning, and streamlined and stackable interdisciplinary curricula. I3S will also seek external funding appropriate to its mission, and it is already facilitating academic offerings at the Army Education Centers, creating a prior learning assessment course, expanding customized training for local employers, and outlining new BIS concentrations.

The I3S will be recruiting two faculty fellows in August, one to assist with creative and innovative curricular revision within the BIS and one to assist with building an innovative assessment model for the BIS degree. The Institute will also be accepting applications for faculty affiliates who want to be founding members and contribute to the mission of innovation and change.

Last updated: 8/4/2023