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Academic Program

Academic program student learning outcomes assessment is a reflective process by which a department reviews and considers the effectiveness of instructional methods, class activities, curriculum, and student engagement by measuring student learning. The Academic Assessment Steering Committee (AASC), consisting of representative faculty from all colleges with membership distributed by number of academic programs by college, provides oversight for academic program student learning outcomes assessment following the guidelines provided in the Academic Assessment Policy

Faculty in each program follow a regular process of collecting student learning artifacts and assessing student learning using direct measures, such as an objective test or performance-based assignment evaluated with an analytic rubric. Data collected through this process is analyzed and summarized in an assessment document based on the Academic Program Student Learning Outcomes Assessment Document Template* and Academic Program Student Learning Outcomes Assessment Rubric adopted by the AASC. 

Academic program student learning outcomes assessment documents are submitted to the AASC on an annual basis for peer-review using the criteria in the Academic Program Student Learning Outcomes Assessment Rubric. Each assessment document is independently reviewed by two members of the AASC, one representing a closely aligned discipline and one from another discipline. After reviewing independently, the two reviewers compare their reviews and compile reconciled feedback to suggest potential improvements to the assessment process or documentation. 

* Download template as .docx file. Template contains sections for five program student learning outcomes. To include additional student learning outcomes, copy the blank SLO 5 sections, paste below, and rename.

** All assessment coordinators will be auto-enrolled in the Folio course. Please submit an Assessment Services Request Form to request enrollment.

Academic Assessment Steering Committee

Allen E. Paulson College of Engineering and Computing
Rocio Alba-Flores
Allen E. Paulson College of Engineering and ComputingChris Kadlec
Allen E. Paulson College of Engineering and ComputingMosfequr Rahman
Allen E. Paulson College of Engineering and ComputingJunan Shen
College of Arts & HumanitiesHolly Cowart
College of Arts & HumanitiesDean Cummings
College of Arts & HumanitiesHelena Hernandez
College of Arts & HumanitiesDavid Langley
College of Arts & HumanitiesMarc Moulton
College of Arts & HumanitiesJoe Pellegrino
College of Arts & HumanitiesKrista Petrosino
College of Arts & HumanitiesCathy Skidmore-Hess
College of Behavioral & Social SciencesCary Christian
College of Behavioral & Social SciencesAndrea Corradi
College of Behavioral & Social SciencesJacek Lubecki
College of Behavioral & Social SciencesEric Silva
College of Behavioral & Social SciencesDaniel Skidmore-Hess
College of Behavioral & Social SciencesEllen Williams
College of Behavioral & Social SciencesPidi Zhang
College of Education
Cynthia Bolton-Gary
College of Education
Lydia Cross
College of Education
Stephanie Devine
College of Education
Bryan Griffin
College of Education
Kymberly Harris
College of Education
Brandon Hunt
College of Education
Hui Jin
College of Education
Regina Rahimi
College of Education
Leslie Roberts
College of Education
Barbara Serianni
College of Education
Lina Soares
College of Education
Amanda Wall
College of Science & MathematicsMichelle Cawthorn
College of Science & MathematicsGeneva DeMars
College of Science & MathematicsLea Padgett
College of Science & MathematicsAnastasia Rusina
Jiann-Ping Hsu College of Public HealthJoanne Chopak-Foss
Parker College of BusinessSteve Charlier
Parker College of BusinessLainie Harris
Parker College of BusinessGin Starling McPhail
Parker College of BusinessKristen Ruhland
Parker College of BusinessBob Szymanski
Parker College of BusinessMark Yanochik
Waters College of Health ProfessionsSheri Carey
Waters College of Health ProfessionsBecca Collins
Waters College of Health ProfessionsKerry Dunn
Waters College of Health ProfessionsApril Garrity
Waters College of Health ProfessionsJosh Kies
Waters College of Health ProfessionsJulie Kuykendall
Waters College of Health ProfessionsKathryn Zeigler

Last updated: 5/14/2024