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Study & Research Abroad: Wexford, Ireland

Study, Research & Grow at Georgia Southern’s European Campus in Beautiful, Historic Wexford, Ireland!

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Georgia Southern is proud to deliver the educational and career advantages of international study. Welcome to the university’s European Campus in Wexford, Ireland! The campus’s core is a stunning building from 1812, and we are currently remodeling a second building (from 1886) as a student residence.

Over several exciting, fulfilling weeks, enjoy the Viking-era town of Wexford, plus its hinterland: County Wexford and the Southeast Ireland region. The region is fascinating and inspiring.

County Wexford honors the past, boasting (for example) earth’s oldest continuously operational lighthouse. It enjoys the present, glorying in some of Europe’s loveliest farmland and finest coastlines. And it leans into the future, housing facilities that combine cutting-edge research and advanced manufacturing. Wexford — the “Model County” — is a noted leader in state-of-the-art medical devices; agrifood and nutrition science; sustainable energy and construction solutions; and international financial services.

Furthermore, County Wexford boasts deep historical links to Savannah.

Almost 180 years ago, a direct trade route emerged between County Wexford and Savannah, Georgia. Sailing vessels from Wexford Town in the county’s east and New Ross in its west made the 40-day trip across the North Atlantic Ocean, seeking oak and pine that had been harvested along the Ogeechee River and brought to Savannah’s wharfs. Soon after, significant numbers of Wexfrodians took advantage of the connection and emigrated to Savannah, the Hostess City. Savannah is certainly the “most Wexford” city in the United States. This bond was one reason for Georgia Southern University’s choosing Wexford Town for its European Study Abroad and Research Campus.

The first cohort of Georgia Southern students studied on the Wexford Campus in 2022, enjoying its well-equipped classrooms, which occupy an exceptionally lovely building from 1812. We call that venue the Learning Center. One student remarked, “The campus complex took my breath away: just beautiful!”

An ideal venue for photos commemorating your time in Ireland, an iconic castle-style gatehouse constitutes the entrance to the Learning Center. A stylized rendition of the gatehouse serves as the official symbol for Georgia Southern’s Wexford Campus.

The gatehouse leads to the main building, which locals often refer to as Old County Hall, for it was once Wexford County Council’s headquarters. Later, its principal room became a courtroom, which now serves as the “Courtroom Classroom,” a superior location for lectures, performances, and other gatherings. Beautiful stained-glass pieces and other antique elements make the entire building a special learning environment.

When in Wexford in 2024, you will receive an extensive, behind-the-scenes tour of the next ambitious, student-centered project to which Georgia Southern has committed as it develops its European Campus. To complement the Learning Center, the university is sensitively remodeling a remarkable edifice, a former convent, into a 50-bedroom Residential Center. Many Georgia Southern students — including building construction and interior design majors — are gaining valuable professional skills by contributing this exciting endeavor.

Of course, the Wexford Campus experience extends well beyond the classroom — to participating in educational field trips across sites in Ireland’s “Sunny Southeast,” as well as Dublin; to enjoying the café culture characteristic of Wexford’s medieval streets; to interacting with Irish people at music sessions, arts festivals, and sporting events; and to visiting Irish schools, universities, research centers, and workplaces.

Georgia Southern students exploring Wexford Town.

Live in Historic Wexford Town

While studying, you’ll live in Wexford Town, a beautiful coastal settlement in southeastern Ireland originally founded by Vikings. Research the connections between Savannah and Ireland including the emigration of hundreds of Wexford natives to Savannah during the famine years of 1849-1856.

The seaport in Wexford, Ireland with several fishing boats docked.

Explore the Coast of Ireland

You can enjoy the beautiful green landscapes of southeast Ireland, from stunning mountains to the Wexford seaport and some of Europe’s loveliest beaches. You’ll see what it is like to educate young Irish students, study health issues, examine Irish geography,  how business is conducted in Europe and so much more.

Georgia Southern students posing with young Irish students

European People and Culture

Additionally, you’ll experience what makes Irish culture unique. You’ll witness ancient team sports such as Gaelic football and hurling. You’ll enjoy community musical gatherings, often in famous Irish pubs. Perhaps the best experiences are interactions with Irish people, renowned as among earth’s friendliest.

Student handling centuries old newspaper archives with gloved hands

See Irish History Come to Life

You’ll see history first-hand as you wear gloved hands to handle ancient European artifacts and thumb through newspapers of the 18th and 19th centuries in the Wexford County Archives and other historical collections. And you’ll explore historic monuments, buildings and towns through field trips. 

Student's in class at Georgia Southern's Wexford campus.

Gain International Experience

You’ll open your eyes to the international experience that makes you more competitive in your career or future graduate study. Studies have shown that employers recognize the importance of cross-cultural understanding in an increasingly global economic environment. 

Students relax outdoors at a local coffee shop.


As always, your health and wellbeing are prioritized. Did you know that Ireland ranks among the earth’s safest countries? Even Irish police officers usually don’t carry guns!

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The Wexford, Ireland, courses and programs offer many exciting opportunities for study and research. Experience the history, scenery, and people of Ireland as you learn, enjoy, and gain new skills and competencies.

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Current student accommodations are in the beautiful Talbot Suites at Stonebridge. Beginning January 2025, we will be providing student housing for 50 students in a beautifully modernized historic building.

“…this is like Hogwarts, it has sort of a Harry Potter feel.”

– Dr. Kyle Marrero, President of Georgia Southern University

Take a tour of the Georgia Southern Study Abroad Center and See the Town of Wexford, Ireland