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MOWR Student Spotlight


Madison Mettler


Hometown: Rincon, GA

High School: Effingham County High School (Senior)

Future Major: Public Relations

Georgia Southern is my home. My dad is an alumni here, and when I was born my mom pushed me around campus in a stroller. You could say I have been on campus for quite some time now. I love this place, from the amazing scenery to the equally fantastic people that attend this institution. Georgia Southern University offers me more than just a home for the next 4-6 years, it is a home for a lifetime. That is why I chose to be a part of the Eagle Nation!

My favorite thing about Georgia Southern is the faculty and staff. They are some of the most passionate people you will ever meet! Every single one of them are what make this place Georgia Southern University! Also, football is pretty great here too!

I plan to continue to attend one of the greatest universities in the world right here at Georgia Southern University, obtain my undergraduate degree in Public Relations, and follow God’s calling on my life.

Dual-enrolling offered me a chance to get a head start. I started my first semester with a full course load just like the next incoming freshman in line. You cannot beat an opportunity to get a free head start in college.


Brooke Thompson


Hometown: Glennville, GA

Former High School: Tattnall County High School

Year at Southern: Freshman

Major: English

I chose Georgia Southern because I knew I would not be just another student. I had a great experience here as a MOWR student, and when I was accepted into Georgia Southern’s Honors Program, I knew that Southern was the best choice for me.

My favorite thing about Georgia Southern is the atmosphere. I love the fact that I can walk into class, and someone will smile or greet me.

The Move on When Ready Program provided me with a great support system, challenged me academically, and it allowed me to have a voice in the classes I wanted to take. I was no longer limited to just what high school had to offer me.

After graduation, I plan to attend law school.

Participating in Move on When Ready definitely prepared me to become a full-time student. I was able to ease into college life and learn what professors expect from a college student. If you feel like you are ready for college level work, I would encourage you to participate in the MOWR program.


Neha Aggarwal


Hometown: Statesboro, GA

High School: Statesboro High School (Senior)

Georgia Southern provides local high school students like me an invaluable opportunity to experience both the rigor and the flow of college classes while still in high school, all while earning credit in pursuit of both our high school diplomas and a college degree. With multiple options for dual-enrollment in the area, Georgia Southern stands out to me as a pillar of excellence in academics with dedicated and experienced professors, and a bastion of educational opportunity in research and extracurricular activities.

In my time as a dual-enrolled Georgia Southern Eagle, I have most enjoyed engaging with the multifaceted and multi-talented student body at Georgia Southern and appreciating what each individual brings to the table. While classes can seem to reduce to tedium by the middle of the semester, the vitality in each Georgia Southern student and the enthusiasm of faculty buoy the classroom experience for an infinitude of potential learning in every new class or lecture.

While I do not plan to attend Georgia Southern University for my undergraduate studies, I will definitely carry with me to the college of my choice the invaluable skills and experience Georgia Southern has given me as a person, student, and leader. I plan to major in Neuroscience and pursue a pre-medical track in college, and the extensive resources to which I was able to gain exposure in Georgia Southern general chemistry courses, as well as the invaluable research experience I have been privileged to receive, will certainly contribute to further studies in my educational career.

I can definitely say that participating in Move On When Ready through Georgia Southern has equipped me for the intellectual challenges and structure of college classes, and it has introduced me to the distinct way in which study time must be structured compared to high school. Through my work in the lab and in class for general chemistry (CHEM 1145 and 1146), I was awarded the Freshmen General Chemistry Achievement Award by the Department of Chemistry as a junior in high school. I will now be working with Dr. Rebecca Kocerha on a research project in the same department this fall 2016 semester, and I am infinitely grateful for this opportunity for learning on such an elevated level.


Zack Sloop

Hometown: Statesboro, GA

Former High School: Statesboro High School

Year at Southern: Freshman

Major: Business

I wanted to stay in Georgia for college so that I could afford the cost of college, so my 11th grade year I toured Georgia Tech and Georgia State but after changing my major for the future from Mechanical Engineering to Business, I decided that Georgia Southern would be the best fit for me due to cost, its great business school, and how familiar I was with the campus.

My favorite thing about Georgia Southern is the campus. It is very well-maintained and pleasing to look at. It is also large enough to have plenty of things to do, while being small enough that getting from one place to another doesn’t take too long.

Going from high school to college has changed my opinion on academics. I always thought that being taught in a classroom would be boring, but MOWR and Georgia Southern have taught me that it can be interesting. I have more freedom in my studies. Last year, while doing MOWR, I studied all about motorcycle clubs and the perceptions and realities of them, which was really interesting to me.

After finishing college, I have two pathways that I would love to go down. I’d like to either get a job in Marketing in a large city and work in a glass office overlooking the city, or finish at Georgia Southern and open up my own restaurant. I have always loved cooking and I’ll have a degree in business as a back-up plan.

I feel like Move On When Ready was a great way to transition into the world of college classes, and it did a great job of giving me a feel for what the big changes are going from a high school classroom to a college classroom in terms of expectations, and workload.

Last updated: 6/23/2021