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Out of State Student Spotlight

Danielle Souza

Hometown: Hooksett, NH

Year at Southern: Junior

Major: Pre-Med Biology

Minor: Music

I chose Georgia Southern because I knew I wanted to go to college somewhere warm! Living in New England and not liking the snow wasn’t the best combination. Georgia Southern had everything I was looking for; a large-scale, small-feel atmosphere, a beautiful campus, southern hospitality, and I felt extremely welcomed by the staff and students.

My favorite thing about Georgia Southern is how contagious our school pride is. Once we get people here on campus, everyone falls in love with this place. It has truly become a second home for the majority of our students. From being in the Prettiest Little Stadium in America on game days, hearing the crowd cheer and the band play, to seeing the enthusiastic faces of new freshmen at orientation, I have experienced firsthand the incredible impact Georgia Southern has on the hearts of its students.

GATA – “Get After Those Academics.” I was looking for a school that would give me the individual classroom attention of small college, with the perks of a big university. My professors know my name in classes, and there are ample opportunities to go to office hours or receive tutoring. Also, being in the Honors Program has facilitated more opportunities for me to grow through undergraduate research and learning outside of the classroom.

After graduation, my goal is to go to medical school, probably somewhere on the West Coast. I think I will want to specialize in something family practice oriented, such as Pediatrics or OBGYN. I also plan to join the Air Force. I anticipate enjoying the structure and discipline of the military, and it would help me pay for med school. I would love to have time to travel and at some point my dream is to serve in international medical philanthropy with organizations such as Doctors Without Borders. And of course, I hope to make it back to Paulson for some alumni football games.


Vickie Barrow

Hometown: Washington, DC

Year at Southern: Freshman

Major: Theatre

I chose Georgia Southern because it gave me a sense of being home away from home. It also has so much more to offer than any other college I looked at.

My favorite thing about Georgia Southern is the community feel and the open environment. The students here are always willing to lend a helping hand.

All of my classes so far are very laid back and there are many available opportunities for growth within the classes and tutoring if it is needed.

After graduation I plan to become a part-time personal trainer, while seeking my career as an actress. With Georgia Southern, I believe I will be able to achieve it all.


Lindsey Perrin

Hometown: Orlando, FL

Year at Southern: Sophomore

Major: Athletic Training

I chose Georgia Southern because everyone was so genuine here. At a lot of the larger schools I applied to, I was just a number to them. Here at Southern, every staff member and student actually cares about your success and I could easily tell that just from being here for a few days. Hail Southern and no place else!

My favorite thing about Georgia Southern is the community here on campus. Our campus has been struck by so much tragedy these past few years and we all try to support each other. Within Greek life, all of the houses come together whether it’s to support a philanthropic group or to support the loss of a loved one.

Don’t be afraid of your professors. Yes they can be a little intimidating, but if you go to them with a question they will help you figure out how to solve it.

My plans after graduation are to get my Master’s degree in Athletic Training and become a graduate assistant for a college sports team. After my Master’s, I would like to end up working as a high school Athletic Trainer.


Preston Johnson

Hometown: Charleston, SC

Year at Southern: Freshman

Major: Mechanical Engineering

I chose Georgia Southern because every faculty and staff member I met was interested in me as a person and it offered me a hands-on approach to engineering.

I love Georgia Southern because they make a huge and diverse student body feel very small and inviting.

As an incoming freshman I have been impressed with all of my professors, the small size of my classes, and that the engineering school is already introducing me to potential employers.

After I graduate it is my hope to return to my hometown (Charleston, SC) and work as an engineer for Boeing.

Last updated: 9/17/2021