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Forms/Expense Policy

Expense Policy

Foundation Expense Policy

Foundation Check Requests

Check Requests – Financial Edge NXT Web Invoicing

Check requests are now submitted electronically through Financial Edge NXT’s web invoicing module. Please contact Matthew Maylath at for information on the web invoicing system.

Additional Forms

IRS Form W-9

Reimbursement for Meals/Entertainment

The appropriate form below must be attached to the Invoice Request in FE NXT Web Invoicing when payment is for meals/entertainment.

Faculty Staff Meals Reimbursement Form

Business or Entertainment Reimbursement Form

Search Committee Meals Reimbursement Form

Certification for Business Use of Event Tickets

To document and certify the University business purpose for the purchase and use of event tickets.

Certification for Business Use of Event Tickets

Certification for Business Use of Event Tickets Instructions

Cooperative Organizations Account Forms

Please use the following forms to establish or change information about Foundation accounts (projects), or make deposits to an account.

Project Description Form

(Used to for new Foundation accounts (projects) to record information about a Foundation account’s establishment, purpose, and activities to be funded.)

Project Description Form

Deposit Transmittal

(Form to accompany deposits made into a Foundation account)

Deposit Transmittal-Foundation Accounting

Reporting Access

To add or remove Foundation accounts for report viewing on Financial Edge NXT (on-demand reporting platform), please contact Matthew Maylath at

Frequently Asked Questions

To view Frequently Asked Questions regarding Accounts Payable, please view the Accounts Payable FAQs document.

Last updated: 5/15/2024