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Food World Now Accepting EagleXpress

STATESBORO, GA — EagleXpress is now accepted at the Food World grocery store located at 620 Fair Road in Statesboro, GA. Their second location in Statesboro at 2949 Northside Drive West will also accept EagleXpress, but at a later date. “We are eager to get more grocery stores and places high in demand from our users on the program, in not just the Statesboro area but Savannah as well,” stated Richard Wynn, Director of Eagle Card Services, “It’s important to continue these conversations with local businesses and support the community around each campus.”

Food World, a locally-based grocery store chain in the state of Georgia, provides close-to-campus shopping with all of your fresh produce, meat, boxed items and beverage needs. Known for carrying local products, Food World provides exceptional customer service and their Fair Road location is mere steps away from Georgia Southern University’s Statesboro campus.

“We’re excited to be a part of the EagleXpress program,” says Marc Jones, CEO and president of Food World.  “We see Georgia Southern students in our stores regularly and with the addition of EagleXpress, we can now offer an easier way for students to access fresh fruits and vegetables along with many other ready-to-eat meal options.”

EagleXpress is the premier declining balance system for Georgia Southern University and is available for use by students, faculty and staff. Users can deposit any amount into an EagleXpress account to use on or off-campus at various dining, retail and other establishments. Simply load money and swipe your Eagle Card to make purchases. For more information visit

Food World’s mission is to serve its community by providing exceptional customer service, competitive prices and the freshest meat and produce available. The Food World brand is owned and operated by HAC, Inc., headquartered in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.  As of 2020 HAC operates 80 grocery stores in Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas and Georgia. For more information visit


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