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Dining Plans and Packages

Eagle Dining Services offers a variety of options for students, faculty, and staff to enjoy a great dining experience on Georgia Southern University’s campuses. Dining Plans are available to all undergraduate and graduate students. Our dining halls are located on the Statesboro and Armstrong campuses of Georgia Southern.

Access Plans

Access Plans give you all access to our residential dining facilities on the Statesboro and Armstrong campuses. They are the most versatile and all-encompassing dining plans you can have, and they’re great for a new student.

Block Plans

Block Plans give diners access to the residential dining facilities on a per-visit basis, and are great for commuters, non-traditional or graduate students to get a quick meal in the dining hall between studies.

Weekly Plans

Weekly Plans give you access to our residential dining facilities per week, allowing you to go as you please and giving you consistent access throughout the times you’re on campus.

First-Year Students

First-year students living in on-campus housing must have, at a minimum, the Access+ Dining Plan with 100 Dining Dollars. Total cost for this plan is $2154.

Upperclassmen Students

Upperclassmen students can purchase any dining plan they would like. This includes the Access+ dining plans, Block plans and Weekly plans. They can also purchase EagleXpress Packages from Eagle Card Services if they would like.

Graduate Students

Graduate students may purchase any of our dining plans. Block and Weekly dining plans are great for the “student on-the-go” and can come in handy when you want to grab a quick meal with friends in the dining hall.

Faculty and Staff Dining Plans

Faculty and staff of Georgia Southern can purchase Block plans of 10, 25, or 50 meals for use in our residential dining facilities (Dining Commons, Lakeside, The Galley).

Full Dining Plan Chart

TermPrice Per SemesterDining DollarsGuest PassesTo-Go ProgramFYLOR Requirement
Access+ Dining PlanFall or Spring$20545/semesterYes
Access+100Fall or Spring$21541005/semesterYes
Access+250Fall or Spring$23042505/semesterYes
Access+375Fall or Spring$24293755/semesterYes
Access+500Fall or Spring$25545005/semesterYes
50-BlockFall or Spring$384Can add Dining Dollars
75-BlockFall or Spring$570Can add Dining Dollars
100-BlockFall or Spring$750Can add Dining Dollars
Weekly-5Fall or Spring$863Can add Dining Dollars
Weekly-10Fall or Spring$1709Can add Dining Dollars
Summer Weekly-21Summer A and B$1365
Summer Weekly-14Summer A and B$910
Summer Weekly-3Summer A or B$255
Summer Weekly-5Summer A or B$425
Summer Weekly-10Summer A or B$600

Note: Dining plan users may change or drop his/her plan by 5 p.m. the first day of class if they have not used their plan. After the first day of class, until 5 p.m. on the 9th day of class, there will be a $50.00 fee to drop or change a plan if it has not been used. If any portion of a Dining Plan has been used, there will be a $50.00 fee, plus a pro-ration for the week. No changes or drops will be made after the 9th day of class per semester.

Access+ Dining Plan

With your Access+ Dining Plan, you get all access to our residential dining facilities on the Statesboro and Armstrong campuses. Enjoy great food and community at Dining Commons, Lakeside and The Galley, guest passes to treat your friends and family to a meal, and the ability to take a to-go meal out of the residential dining facilities.

You may also add Dining Dollars to your Access+ Dining Plan. Dining Dollars are available in several increments that a dining plan holder can choose from.

Base Access Plan Cost$2054˟
Add Dining Dollars0+100 D$+250 D$+375 D$+500 D$
Total Cost$2054$2154$2304$2429$2554
All Access+ Dining Plans come with to-go access and guest passes.

Block Plans

Block Plans give diners access to the residential dining facilities on a per-visit basis. Block Plans do not expire, so students can use those as long as they have them on their account.

50 Block75 Block100 Block

Weekly Dining Plans

Weekly Dining Plans allow a student a certain number of meals in our residential dining facilities per week. A student can use up to 3 meals per day to enjoy food with their friends, and up to the plan amount per week. These reset every Monday of the week during the semester and end at the end of the semester.


Pricing for 2024-2025 Dining Plans are subject to change.

Where can I use my Dining Dollars?

Dining Dollars (D$) can be used at retail dining locations such as Starbucks, Chick-fil-A, GUS Mart, Southern Café and more. You can add Dining Dollars to any of the Access+, Block or Weekly Dining Plans.

Add Dining Dollars0 D$+100 D$+250 D$+375 D$+500 D$

Faculty/Staff Dining Plans

Block 10Block 25Block 50
10 swipes into Dining Commons, Lakeside or The Galley25 swipes into Dining Commons, Lakeside or The Galley50 swipes into Dining Commons, Lakeside or The Galley
Payroll Deduction

Click here for more information about faculty/staff dining plan options.

Budget Bucks

Budget Bucks plans will be discontinued on May 13, 2024.

For a comprehensive costs and affordability analysis, please visit  

EagleXpress Packages

EagleXpress Packages allow students to make dollar-for-dollar purchases similar to a declining debit card at EDS dining locations and 60+ vendors in the Statesboro area. These are available at the beginning of each semester (Fall, Spring, Summer). For more information, visit the EagleXpress webpage.

For a comprehensive costs and affordability analysis, please visit  

Last updated: 5/1/2024