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Plan Benefits

Purchasing an Eagle Dining Plan affords students the opportunity to focus on studies rather than what to eat.

Having a Dining Plan:

  • Eliminates the stress of grocery shopping, meal-prepping, or rushed meals. With meal access to Dining Commons and Lakeside Dining Commons on the Statesboro Campus and The Galley on the Armstrong Campus, students capable of enjoying healthy meals at their convenience.
  • Eagle Blue and Gold dining plans allow students to enjoy EDS retail locations as well as residential dining. This provides options and variety for every dining plan!
  • No hassle, no fuss. Everything is connected to your Eagle Card, so you don’t have to worry about keeping up additional cards.

College Spending

re: fuel’s “College Explorer ’12” study indicates that 32% of students surveyed have increased their spending on groceries since last year, up from 29% who indicated an increase in 2011. SOURCE

“Nine in 10 college students (90%) visit a grocery store at least once a month; on average, students grocery shop 4.7 times each month.”

With an Eagle Dining Plan, students can make fewer trips to the grocery store and spend less! Swipe in and have a quick meal and save time.

Last updated: 8/10/2020