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Our Sustainability Efforts

For years we have worked diligently in our efforts to reduce our carbon footprint and the amount of post-consumer waste that is generated by our facilities. We are developing and implementing new methods to become more sustainable and reduce patron waste in keeping with our environmental awareness and responsibility policies.

Our new residential dining facilities, Dining Commons and Lakeside Dining Commons showcase several of these sustainability initiatives. We hope to increase our efforts and further our commitment to creating a more sustainable, environmentally-friendly dining environment on Georgia Southern University’s campus.

Here are a few ways we are currently doing our part:

Through the use of SOMAT ® Model SPC-75S HT high tank, close-coupled pulpers, we were able to significantly reduce the total volume of waste that we generate. These pulpers also aid in the conservation of water in our new residential dining facilities, as well as provide better sanitation and reduced labor costs for our dish room. We use a variety of small disposals and mini-pulpers throughout our production kitchens in efforts to further reduce waste.
Our “tray-less” dining initiative reduced the water usage in our dish rooms.
Through multiple sustainability initiatives, we were able to reduce our use of disposables such as Styrofoam cups, trays, plates, and plastic cutlery.
Through a continued partnership with Premiere Grease, we recycle our used cooking oil and fryer grease. Their company is able to take our waste oil and turn it into bio-diesel and other products.


Last updated: 10/8/2015