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University Housing earns national, regional recognition from NACURH, SAACURH

Georgia Southern University Housing recently garnered recognition with the Organization of the Month and the Student of the Month regional titles through the Of The Month (OTM) awards with The South Atlantic Affiliate of College and University Residence Halls (SAACURH) and the National Organization of the Month title for National Association of College and University Residence Halls (NACURH), Inc. in recent months.

Sponsored by the National Residence Hall Honorary (NRHH), OTMs are ways to recognize the efforts of students and staff on college campuses within housing departments.

The Organization of the Month and OTMs are given to organizations that actively contribute to the student leadership, recognition or other aspects of residence life during the month of nomination. University Housing earned the award in January 2019 after professional and student staff members worked tirelessly to move 330 students out of a residence hall and into various other complexes in just a few days. Though this was already one of the busiest weeks of the semester, the team managed to accomplish the goal.

“We saw the whole department join forces and become a united team to cover anything and everything that was thrown at us,” said nominator Assistant Director of Residence Education Casey Weaver. “This team truly rose to the occasion. As a member of the leadership team, I can truly say if it had not been for this team’s dedication, passion, willingness to do whatever it takes and commitment to our University, this outcome would have been very different.”

The department earned the regional title for SAACURH in February and went on to earn the NACURH national title this March.

The Student of the Month award is given to a student who has made outstanding contributions to the residence halls through leadership, motivation, programming, volunteering and/or acting as a role model for others during the month of nomination. Nicole Maksym earned the title in November 2018 after she risked her life to save other students from a fire in her residence hall earlier that month. Nicole noticed the fire and put it out with an extinguisher before alerting staff members.

“Nicole acted when she did not have to,” said Colton Goodman, resident director and Maksym’s nominator. “Without out residents working together as a community and caring for their spaces, we would not function.”

A wall mount bearing the signatures of hall facilities staff, resident advisors and other building staff was hung commemorating Maksym’s efforts and care.

“If that fire burned for another 30 seconds, we would have been in a heap of trouble,” said facilities staff member Jeff Joyner.

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