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RLC Application Process

Application Process Video

Incoming students have the option to apply for an RLC using the steps below. Priority deadline for the RLC Application is March 1st for the Statesboro Campus and April 1st on the Armstrong Campus.

  1. Submit your Fall Housing Application and pay your application fee
  2. Once your application fee is paid and you begin selecting preferences, you’ll see the option to explore living in a RLC. See the RLC Guide to learn more RLC options, application requirements, and engagement requirements you will be held to during the academic year to remain living in the RLC.
  3. Once you have reviewed the RLCs, you’ll be able to apply to your preferred community and preference available room types in this specific RLC. 
  4. After submission of your housing application, your status will change to “RLC Pending.” Our staff will review your application to confirm that you meet any RLC requirements. Once requirements are met, your status will be changed to “RLC Approved.”
  5. When you are approved, our staff will assign you a room in the community.  Our assignments are sent out in batches, so you may be assigned to a room in the community prior to getting an email confirming your assignment.
  6. Over the summer, staff will be contacting you about connected courses, early move-in, welcome events, and more as applicable for each community. Make sure to keep checking your university email!


  • Living-Learning Communities require a declared major / exploratory major or acceptance into a specific campus program. Before you can be offered a place in an LLC, you must meet this requirement.  Because of this, it may take longer to receive your offer – but don’t panic!  If you fill out the RLC Application, we’ll know you are interested and we’ll be ready to place you when you meet those requirements.
  • If you listed a preferred roommate or roommate group on your general housing application, the preferred roommate(s) must also apply, be offered a place, and accept their place in the RLC before you will be housed together. Your request to join an RLC will take priority over roommate groups who do not meet this requirement.
  • If you do not have a preferred roommate or roommate group – No worries!  You’ll be placed with someone else who is in the community and you will already have a ton in common!
  • Some communities require an early move-in to accommodate RLC orientation and welcome events. More information about dates will be communicated through spring/summer.
  • All students living in a RLC pay an additional $20 RLC Activity fee per semester to fund RLC programs, field trips, and more.

Last updated: 11/13/2023