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Pardon Our Progress

Summer 2017

August 3 –

Upcoming Eaglexpress and Budget Bucks Outage
As a reminder, use of your Eagle Card for monetary transactions will be unavailable on Thursday, August 3 and Friday, August 4 due to maintenance and routine updates of the campus Blackboard system. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Campus dining and retail establishments will still be accepting other forms of payment during this time.
Blackboard, the system which manages your Eagle Card, Eaglexpress, and Budget Bucks, will be undergoing upgrades starting August 3. We anticipate these updates to the system to finish on August 4, and we will notify the campus community of any difficulties we have
Eaglexpress on and off campus, as well as Budget Bucks, will not be available for use throughout this period. We encourage you to continue to visit your favorite locations, but please be advised that they will not accept these forms of payment.
If you have any questions, please stop by the Eagle Card Center located in Dining Commons from 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. or call their office at (912) 478-5311. You may also visit their website at

July 31 –

University Housing Projects
Siding replacement at University Villas, roof repair at Freedom’s Landing and window replacement at Southern Pines will be completed in the coming weeks. Wi-fi and internet improvements in both University Villas and Freedom’s Landing are also wrapping up before the start of the semester.
Russell Union
While the large-scale HVAC update is nearing completion, cabinetry and front-of-the-house construction at Chick-fil-A are being finalized as well as back-of-the-house construction and reorganization. Interior construction, tiling, and cabinetry in Starbucks continues and equipment instillation should commence shortly. Both are anticipated to be completed before the beginning of Fall semester 2017.
Parking and Transportation
Paving has been completed in north Lot 21 and the area behind the Parking and Transportation office. Landscaping and lot striping for both areas are nearly complete and these areas of Lot 21 will be re-opened to the public in the coming weeks.

June 27

  • Siding is being replaced at the University Villas residence hall.
  • North Lot 21 and the area behind Parking and Transportation’s office are both undergoing curbing and grading this week.
  • Tile and cabinetry work are taking place as part of the update to both Starbucks and Chick-fil-A.
  • Tech Corner’s website has been updated.
  • University Store’s Point of Sale System and website have transitioned from the old system to a new, state-of-the-art system

June 14 – Progress on North Lot 21 continues, as curbing along Dorman Rd. has been formed and poured. Islands for greenery have been created in the new North Lot 21 parking lot, giving onlookers and idea of the finished “shape” of the parking lot. Asphalt milling was completed a week ahead of schedule and paving of the lot is still on schedule. Director of Parking and Transporation, Kristi Bryant, is very pleased with the progress and we look to be on schedule for North Lot 21 improvements. Curbing for the South Lot 21 extension will start shortly.

June 13 – Many updates to major projects occurred over the last few days:

  • A Bank of America ATM has been installed in Dining Commons next to the other relocated ATMs.
  • North Lot 21 construction is running according to schedule and should be finished by Fall Semester.
  • Sidewalk improvements are underway on the Chandler Road side of Dining Commons.
  • Starbucks demolition is complete, and construction is currently in the rebuild phase.
  • Tech Corner’s website is still undergoing updates.
  • University Store’s Point of Sale System and website have transitioned from the old system to a new, state-of-the-art system as of June 12.

May 31 – Upgrades to the University Store‘s point-of-sale systems will begin at the beginning of June. This change will impact sales on their website,, and online ordering. please be mindful that they are transitioning to a new system and website to better serve our campus community. We appreciate your patience as they make updates to better serve their customers!

Tech Corner‘s eCommerce systems have been updated to the latest version, and they will be rolling out new updates to their website over the next couple of weeks. Please bear with them as they make your online shopping experience more enjoyable.

We are still working diligently with Bank of America to secure a new ATM for the new location. Last week, Auxiliary Services representatives met with the telecommunications company responsible for installing infrastructure for Bank of America’s ATM. More information will be available soon.

Construction will soon start on improvements to the sidewalk and greenery on the Chandler Road side of Dining Commons. Please be mindful of the reduced sidewalk space and be cautious when making your way around the building.

Parking lot improvements in North Lot 21 are moving along as well. You can expect improved traffic flow and parking at the end of this project!

May 26 – Tech Corner’s eCommerce system upgrade began, and their new website became live.

May 22 – We are currently awaiting a response from Bank of America and their telecommunications provider to ensure a new ATM is installed at the new location. We do not yet have a date for installation on this ATM.

May 19 – Curbs have been broken up and progress on North Lot 21 continues. All ATMs are in place to Dining Commons, with the exception of the Bank of America ATM. We are coordinating with the necessary parties and will keep everyone up-to-date on progress getting this ATM relocated.

May 8 – The Russell Union, Chick-fil-A and Starbucks will all be closed for the duration of the summer due to renovations. Starbucks will be getting a more modern ‘facelift’ as well as expanding their dining area. Chick-fil-A will be updating their food prep areas allowing for improved customer service.

Since the Russell Union is closed for the duration of the summer, the campus ATMs have been relocated to the front of Dining Commons directly across from the entry turnstiles.The Eaglexpress Kiosk that has typically resided in this spot is now located just around the corner across from the Eagle Card Services Office.

Much like the changes that were made to the south side of the lot last summer, the north side update will improve traffic flow and parking. Due to the construction, the north end of Lot 21 will be closed through the summer and will not be accessible during any SOAR sessions or summer classes. Parking will still be available on the south end of the lot.

Last updated: 4/1/2022