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Visitor Parking

Visitors” are those who are neither students nor employees of the University or its affiliates who occasionally have a need to park on campus.

Visitors can park in any space in any lot except:

  • service and delivery
  • reserved spaces ie. RD spaces, Dean, President
  • handicapped (unless they have a hangtag or plate)
  • AMP (unless they have an AMP permit)(blue and white signs)

All visitors should obtain a visitor parking permit from the department, student they will be visiting, or the parking office themselves.

  • Visitors are allowed to have three (3) visitor parking passes per year at no charge.
  • The 4th and each subsequent pass will cost $2.00 per day.

Faculty, staff and students are not allowed to park in visitor spaces Monday through Friday between 7:30 a.m. and 4:00 p.m.

AMP Park Visitor Rules

Image: AMP Parking Signage

Download the AMP Parking app on the Apple Store or Google Play to park in AMP spaces. There are AMP signs in the designated lots with QR codes you may scan to download this app also at these.

Rules are listed below:

  • Download the AMP app, register your vehicle then follow the prompts.
  • Make sure your vehicle is registered every time you park in an AMP space. Please double check your license plate to make sure you’ve entered your plate in the app correctly or you will receive a citation. Our LPR cars do not read the letter “O” but they will read the number zero “0”, so if your tag has the letter “O” replace it with the number zero.
  • When using AMP you must park in AMP spaces, the entire lot is not dedicated to AMP parking. Your vehicle must be facing the front of the AMP sign to where you can clearly read the AMP sign. Parking behind an AMP sign with an AMP permit is a violation.
  • AMP is available starting at 8 am – 4 pm daily unless noted otherwise.
  • AMP IS NO LONGER OFFERING THE 30 MINUTE FREE OPTION. You must have a permit within 10 mins of parking or you will be in violation.
  • Each hour costs $1, with a max of 4 hours in one day, per lot.
  • You can only purchase one AMP permit per lot per day. If you park in AMP sweetheart one day, you cannot park in AMP sweetheart again until the next day or you can go to a different AMP lot.
  • There will be signs and QR codes you may scan at these spaces.

Last updated: 9/24/2021