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Postal Services

Printing & Postal Services manages all mailing needs for Georgia Southern University. Being responsible for 5,600 student post office boxes as well as parcel and UPS deliveries (United Postal Services), Printing and Postal Services is the campus’s mailing and package delivery hub. On the forefront of postal services, Printing and Postal Services serves as the primary method of communication between the university’s students, faculty and staff. The department is also a Contract Postal Unit through the United States Postal Service; extending customer service not only to Georgia Southern University but to the general public as well. Staff is knowledgeable in instructing customers in methods of sending out all mailings at the lowest cost possible, working closely with customers while preparing bulk mail and answering any questions concerning postal needs.It is our intent to:

  • Send out all mailings at the lowest cost possible, unless otherwise instructed by the department.
  • Work closely with departments in preparing bulk mail.
  • Answer any questions concerning postal needs.

Last updated: 7/6/2020