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Bulk Mail Center

The term “bulk mail” refers to a mailing that consist of 200 or more presorted mail pieces. Please visit Preparing Bulk Mail as a quick reference guide to bulk mail.

Complete the Bulk Mail Preparation Work Order Form and send it via intra-campus mail to PO Box 8006 or electronically by E-Mail to for each request.

To insure that your bulk mailings are correct and sent out in a timely manner, please refer to our guidelines below.

Guidelines for Standard Non-Profit Bulk Mailings

Presort Standard Non-Profit Bulk Mailings consist of at least 200 addressed pieces (or 50 pounds) sorted and prepared to meet postal standards. This type of mailing is our most common class of mail. It generates a savings of approximately .258 cents per piece over First Class Mail. It takes approximately 1-14 days for a Standard Mail Non-Profit mailing to reach its destination after leaving the United States Post Office. (unless it is Smart Mail Addressed and CASS Certified).


  • Each mailing must include a minimum of 200 pieces or 50 pounds of weight if less than 200 pieces.
  • Materials must be printed, duplicated and CANNOT be personalized.
  • Each piece must be identical in size, weight, and must have the same number of enclosures.
  • Each piece must show the complete address of both the mailer and recipient.
  • Letter-size pieces that require postage should be unsealed with the flaps up. All flat mail has to be sealed and have the imprint INDICIA on the envelope. See samples of our INDICIA imprint. This CANNOT be changed.
  • Sample of INDICIA:
  • All mail must be in zip code order from the lowest to the highest. Example: 0001-9999 A list of the number of pieces in each zip code has to be furnished with the mailing. This is a US Postal requirement – unless you are using Smart Mail Addressing.

Example list for Zip Codes and number of pieces:

  • 30459 – 100
  • 30460 – 50
  • 31401 – 50

Smart Mailer Addressing Services

Printing & Postal Services Bulk Mail area has a Smart Mailer System (DA95F) that can help reduce mailing cost and increase the effectiveness of your mailings. This system enables Printing & Postal Services to clean departmental address databases to eliminate duplicate and undeliverable addresses. It designs envelopes and maintains a complete up-to-date mailing list.  The system helps us create a mailing list from our customer’s databases and allows their mail to be delivered cost effectively, identifies changes in addresses before printing, and eliminates the need for labels.  The DA95F can address approximately 1000 pieces per hour. Certified by the US Postal Services, this system will print a standard address with a barcode below the address block, is updated by the US Postal Services every 90 days to ensure that addresses are correct.  By using this system we will make sure that your mailing is processed at the lowest rate.

  • Department needs to furnish the following when using the Smart Mailer to process their mailings.
  • E-mail your mailing list in Comma Delimited format (.csv) to
    • Bring materials (blank envelopes with department return address, letters, etc.) to the Bulk Mail center or arrange for the GSU Printing & Postal Services to pick up your materials.
    • Check requirements outlined in above paragraph to make sure your materials meet these requirements.
  • All addresses that the DA95F cannot correct will be returned to the department.

Envelope Inserting/Folding Services

The envelope inserting machine has four stations:  Two stations can place a single letter, card or flyer into an envelope.  The other two stations will fold 8 ½” X 11” sheets and place it into the envelope.   The machine will also stack and count the stuffed envelopes in one operation.

Printing and Postal Services Bulk Mail Center must receive a completed Bulk Mail Preparation Work Order Form prior to receiving the job. Depending on our workload, it may take two – three days for the Bulk Mail Center to process your mailing. You can contact the Bulk Mail Center at ext. 8-1310 to get a more accurate production timeline.

Printing and Postal Services Bulk Mail Center is here to serve the University’s bulk mailing needs for mail distributed to campus PO Boxes or items mailed off campus. Before you start to prepare your mailing, please consider a consultation with the Bulk Mail Center.

Contact Tommy Thurson at (912) 478-1310 to arrange your visit.

Computerized Address Labels

Departments mailing 200 or more pieces and using computerized address labels must request them from the supplier in zip code order. This will speed the delivery process and also qualify the department for postage discounts. The only exception to this procedure is for interdepartmental mailers, who request their address labels in box number order.


Place letter envelopes together, unsealed, with the flaps open outward. The envelopes will be sealed as they are processed through the postage meters. Large manila or bulky envelopes with end openings should be sealed by the department. Such envelopes cannot be sealed by machines. Envelopes and cards smaller than 3-1/2 ” high by 5″ long will not be accepted by the U.S. Postal Service. Any envelope or cards smaller than the minimum acceptable size will be returned to the department.


Use a corrugated carton. Choose one in good rigid condition with all the flaps intact. Remove ALL old addresses from the carton and pack the contents with plenty of cushioning. Address information should be clearly printed or typed on an address label and placed in the center of the box. Use a filament-reinforced tape to seal and reinforce your package (scotch tape and masking tape are not acceptable). Avoid twine and cord as they tend to get caught in mail processing equipment. Also, avoid using wrapping paper on the outside of your package.

Last updated: 4/12/2018