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Printing and Postal Services

Speedy and accurate. Printing and Postal Services provides campus with an array of printing solutions as well as departmental, local and international mail service. Whether you need copies made, documents faxed or packages shipped, we ensure quick and quality service every time. Our specialty services include large-format printing, bookbinding and document lamination.

  Print Like a Pro

From class projects to graduation announcements and everything in between, we are your on-campus, full0-service print shop offering professional-grade prints to make your life easier.

  Keep in Touch

We are the campus mailing and package delivery hub overseeing 5,6000 student post office boxes, USPS parcel and student UPS deliveries. We also sell stamps and packing materials.

  Let Us Help You

Our knowledgeable staff cans ave you time and money! Printing and Postal associates are able to instruct customers in methods to create the most cost-effective and quality print pieces and mailings.

Last updated: 3/15/2019