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A message from the CLASS Advisement Center Coordinator

Over the past few years, some major changes in CLASS advising have occurred. As some of you might recall, the CLASS Advisement Center originally operated out of the Williams Center before moving to the Foy Building. Recently, the CAC moved again. Though we have enjoyed our space in the Foy Building (and its close proximity to Starbucks and the CLASS Dean’s Office), we have officially relocated to the Carroll Building, and we sincerely thank the CLASS Dean’s Office and the Georgia Southern Provost’s Office for the opportunity to relocate to the freshly renovated suite.The move took place in the middle of December, and we were officially unpacked and settled in right before classes began in January. Our new location in the Carroll Building has allowed us to be in closer proximity to our students since we are more centrally located on campus. Our students have commented on how much they like the new space, and we agree that it feels a lot more welcoming and comfortable.Last year, the CLASS Advisement Center team nearly doubled in size. Our team now consists of a coordinator, 14 professional academic advisors, an administrative assistant, and Online BGS staff serving more than 4,300 students. We should also mention the newest additions to the CLASS Advisement family, babies Piper Youmans, Grayson Curley, and C.J. Barham (perhaps we should have included a daycare in the Carroll Building floorplan)!

With the increase in number of academic advisors and our desire to have advisors more connected to their students, we began placing advisors in offices within the departments for the majors they advise. Though this is a unique setup for an advisement center at Georgia Southern, we have found that having academic advisors in the departments provides both greater visibility and accessibility for students. More advisors and support from the Provost’s Office has allowed us to move away from the faculty-advisor model and to provide each student with a full-time advisor for his/her entire collegiate career. This model not only frees faculty to engage in research and mentoring opportunities with their students, but also allows students more consistency in their advisement experience.

As we move forward, the CLASS advisement team is working hard to assist our students in becoming and continuing to be academically successful. Each advisor has developed his/her unique style of advising to best serve his/her student population. Helping our students achieve academic success is at the core of our team. We are accomplishing good things in the CLASS Advisement Center, and over the next several months, we will begin working on a strategic plan that will move us from good to great!Please visit the 
CLASS Advisement Center website to learn more about the Center and where each academic advisor is located. Or feel free to stop by sometime – we would love to see you!

Jenn Glenn

CLASS Advisement Center Coordinator


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