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Julie de Chantal


Dr. Julie de Chantal is an Assistant Professor of History who teaches African American History.  Dr. deChantal’s research interest include community activism, transnational activism, and Black women’s history, especially in the North. 

Affiliate Classes:

  • HIST 2500 History of Race and Racism
    • This course explores the origins of the concept of race and of racism in the United States from colonial times to the present
  • HIST 3030 Special Topics: Black women’s history
    • History of African American women from African beginnings to the present
  • HIST 3030 Special Topics: History of Black Entrepreneurship
    • History of African American entrepreneurship from African beginnings to the present.
  • HIST 3130 African American History to 1865
    • African American history from African beginnings to Reconstruction. This is a study of the thought and actions of people of African ancestry from their origins in precolonial Africa to the conclusion of the Civil War and its aftermath
  • HIST 3131 African American History since 1865
    • African American history from Reconstruction to the present.
  • HIST 4134 The Civil Rights Movement
    • Explores the origins, ideologies, strategies and legacy of the modern civil rights movement in the North and the South with special focus on the impact of race, class and gender on civil rights from 1946-1968

Last updated: 7/21/2022