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SPMB – Frequently Asked Questions

Color Guard – Do we need to bring our own equipment?
If you have your own equipment or access to equipment I would plan on bringing it just in case.

What are the band camp dates?
The dates have been officially published on our calendar.

What is the dress code for camp?
A detailed newsletter will be sent out in the next few weeks detailing everything you will need for camp.

Do you have to be a music major to be in the marching band?

Can any of the information you provided on the form be updated?
Yes. Just send Mr. Thomas and email with the information you need to update and I will make the change. This is especially important once you know your Eagle ID.

Do we travel with the football team for the away games?
The full band typically travels to one away game per year.

Do we need our own instruments or will one be provided?
Wind Instruments that we will provide: Piccolo, Tenor Sax, Mellophone, Baritone, and Sousaphone.

When will early move in happen and how does it work?
Early move-in will occur on the first day of band camp. You will check in a Foy first and then check-in to your housing at Watson Hall. Check the calendar for specific move-in dates for your section.

How do we set up the early move-in?
You don’t. Mr. Thomas will handle all the arrangements for you to move in early to your on-campus housing. Please DO NOT call or email housing to try and set up or alter this in any way. All early move-in questions need to come directly to Mr. Thomas.

What happens if I cannot attend band camp?
Band camp is required. However, send Mr. Thomas an email detailing the reason you will not be able to attend band camp and in certain cases an exception may be made.

When are drum major, leadership and captain auditions?
We typically hold leadership and captain interviews in January/February for the upcoming season. Drum Major auditions are typically at the very end of the marching season.

Do I have to move in early if I am living on campus?

Can I audition for percussion even though I have never played before?

Do I need to buy marching shoes?
No. Everybody will be provided a new pair at the beginning of camp.

Is there a band fee?
No. However, there are a couple of items that need to be purchased. The UDB (Ultimate Drill Book) app and the appropriate e-flip for your instrument. Both together may cost about 40 dollars. Detailed information on what and where to purchase will be in the newsletter.

What is the attendance policy?
All rehearsals, performances, and the bowl game are required. See handbook for more information (located on our website).

Should I go ahead and register for the class?
Yes! You must be signed up for the class. Let your advisor know to sign you up. MUSE 3212, CRN 84552. If you cannot sign up for some reason email Mr. Thomas.

What if I have a class conflict with marching band rehearsals?
Email Mr. Thomas the conflict and we will discuss it to see if we can work it out. In most cases we can work out the conflict so you are still able to participate. Your advisor may need to email Mr. Thomas directly to get approval.

Where do I go to get the latest information?
You can visit our website: as this is updated regularly. We also use the BandApp for communication. A new group will be created and information to join will be sent out. This will be the primary means of communication. Until then, please check the email you provided regularly.

Do we need to be enrolled at the Statesboro Campus to participate?
No. However, you are still required to be at all rehearsals and performances.

Can I participate in the marching band if I attend East Georgia?
Yes. Email Mr. Thomas.

What is the schedule for band camp?
A detailed schedule for band camp will be sent out over the summer. However, the dates are already posted on our website.

Last updated: 4/8/2023