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Students Receive Awards at 2013 Form & Content Exhibition

Undergraduate Exhibition Awards Announced

The Betty Foy Sanders Department of Art (BFSDoArt) announced the 2013 award recipients for both undergraduate exhibitions on April 12 during the shows’ reception. Both the 2013 Undergraduate Juried Exhibition and Form & Content and 2013 Foundations Exhibition will close April 19. Don’t miss your opportunity to see the BFSDoArt’s outstanding undergraduate work!

Award recipients pictured above with Art History Professor Dr. Julie McGuire (left) include (l-r): Mandy Koeller, Best Drawing II; Emmitt Smith, Best 2-D; Courtney England, Scholarship Recipient; Toni Todd, Best of Show in Undergraduate Juried; Ryan Caronongan, Honorable Mention; D’Antre Harris, Scholarship Recipient; Lois Harvey, Best 3-D; and Millie Fortner, Honorable Mention.

Form & Content : 2013 Foundations Exhibition included: Gianna Palazzolo, Mandy Kaellec, Annaliyah Ferguson-Salim, Stuart Goodall, Kaitlin Baylie, Ashley Hillmon, David M. Powell, Luke Criddle, Elizabeth Prosser, Chase Rettingill, Cristal Riley, Anna Dzubinski, Courtney Bonacci, Brendon Lloyd, Margarita Suarez, Marcus Cook, Kathryn Randall, Elizabeth Stern, Lauren Johnson, Mallory O’Hara, Toni Pollack, Tekeyo Carter, Megan Lewis, Cruzz Bernales, Mattye Ernst, Elaine Chambers, Denson McLain, Cami Brannen, Chris Upchurch, Maya Gleason, Scott Erwin, Courtney Bath, Breannah Brown and Susan Williams.

Awards were presented to Elizabeth Prosser, Best of Show; Anna Dzubinski, Best Drawing I; Mandy Koeller, Best Drawing II; Gianna Palazzolo, Best 2-D; Stuart Goodall, Best 3-D; Lauren Johnson, Juror’s Choice. View photos of the exhibition.

About the Juror
Paul LaJeunesse, a member of the art department at Georgia State University in Atlanta, was the juror for the 2013 Foundations exhibition. LaJeunesse received a MFA in painting from Bowling Green State University in 2006, the Elizabeth Greenshields grant in 2006, and a Fulbright grant in 2007 to travel to Reykjavik and Siglufjördur, Iceland. He has exhibited in nationally and internationally, with recent solo exhibitions at Rogue Community College, Oregon; Idaho State University; The Seattle School of Theology & Psychology; Saitama University, Japan; and the Akane Gallery in Tokyo.

Find more 2013 gallery images on BFSDoArt’s Flickr Photostream.
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