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Artist uses everyday items to provoke meaning and feeling in new exhibit

STATESBORO, Ga.—Master of Fine Arts candidate Cyndy Epps gives ordinary items and spaces new meaning in her upcoming exhibition “Considering Perspectives.” The exhibition will be on view at the Center for Art & Theatre’s University Gallery on Georgia Southern’s Statesboro Campus from March 8-23 with a reception beginning at 5 p.m. on March 23.

“When considering our society today, it seems strange to me that in spite of our cultural diversity, we often hold fast to the idea that there is only one way to look at things – ours,” said Epps. “Perhaps if we can reconsider the value of things we view with disregard, we can begin to explore the idea that there is more than one way to view people or issues in today’s world as well.”

Through her work, Epps asks the viewer to not only contemplate the different ways unnoticed objects and spaces can be viewed, but also the multiple ways to feel towards them. By joining multiple images of the same subject from different viewpoints, Epps challenges the viewer consider alternative ways to see that subject. Beyond changing the way a subject is seen, Epps also aims to awaken an emotional reaction towards these ordinary things. Allowing space for interpretation, Epps lets the viewer’s emotions play a part in their experience with her artwork, while also applying certain colors to elicit a different response.

“Cyndy’s project is a peculiar but important one,” as BFSDoArt Gallery Director Jason Hoelscher notes. “Contemporary culture is practically saturated with a non-stop barrage of noise and signals and relentless demands on our attention. Prompting the viewer to look at the overlooked, at those things not shouting for our attention, serves the important purpose of causing one to slow down and really just take in their surroundings. Not merely as yet another thing to take in then move along before attending to the next thing, but as part of the contextual richness of a larger experience. It is these oft-overlooked components that form the subject of Cyndy’s beautiful and important paintings.”

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