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Graduate exhibition explores the strength of the human mind

STATESBORO, Ga.—Using the fields of cognitive psychology and neuroscience as inspiration, Master of Fine Arts candidate Glenda Militano’s upcoming exhibition, “Resilience,” focuses on the complexity and beauty of the brain. Using color, shape, and mixed media to examine internal mental processes and the nerves and tissues related to behavior and learning. The exhibition will be on view from Feb. 23 – March 2 in the Contemporary Gallery at the Center for Art & Theatre. A closing reception will begin at 5 p.m. on March 2.  

“I wanted to know why people make certain decisions, and how to make better decisions,“ said Masters of Fine Arts candidate Glenda Militano. “The more educated I became about the decision-making process and how it affects our emotions, the more research I did on the human brain.”

Militano relates the human brain to a computer, where information is received and the brain works to generate a response. The process of creating Militano’s work consists of multiple materials such as wood, paper or fabric along with numerous layers of paint and inks.Through the multiple layers of material and laborious process, Militano’s work aims to illustrate the resilience of the human mind, its beauty and its vulnerabilities.

In her artwork, Militano depicts intense conflicts that humans encounter today through a mixture of fragmented images of technology and the human figure. Through endurance, Militano is adamant that anyone can overcome any situations or life choices they have made, if they never give up.

“Glenda has taken on a big task with commingling aspects of psychology and neuroscience with her work. That these are both fairly abstract topics to begin with lends them a type of potency when translated into abstract imagery,” says BFSDoArt Gallery Director Jason Hoelscher. “The dynamism and layers in Militano’s work is a nice visual echo of the processes at work within the viewer’s mind.”

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