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Center for Art & Theatre upgrades gallery lighting with $12K sustainability grant

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The Center for Art & Theatre recently upgraded gallery lighting with a generous grant from the Georgia Southern Center for Sustainability. Photo by Jonathan Chick/University Photographer

The art galleries at the Georgia Southern University Statesboro Campus just got a little bit cooler.

The Center for Art & Theatre recently upgraded gallery lighting in an effort to reduce heat and physical waste produced by the bulbs and fixtures with the help of a $12,000 grant from the Georgia Southern Center for Sustainability, funded by student sustainability fees. The transition from halogen to LED lighting has a substantial effect on campus efficiency and sustainability.

Eighty-eight 250-watt, halogen bulbs and fixtures were replaced with cooler and more efficient 18-watt, LED bulbs and fixtures, which saves more than 20,000 watts of energy. The new lights will also last nearly a decade, about five times longer than the previous ones.

Gallery Director Jason Hoelscher said the new lights will help conserve energy on multiple levels.

“Thanks to the generosity of the Center for Sustainability — which means, by extension, the generosity of Georgia Southern students — the art galleries at the Center for Art and Theatre are much more efficient, sustainable and easier to work with,” Hoelscher said. “The old bulbs generated substantial amounts of heat-waste that kept the building’s air conditioner busy, but the new lights significantly reduce the heat. When you consider all 88 lights are on from 9 to 5 Monday through Friday, it’s a big deal. This will lead to lowered utility costs for the University and the department based on a decrease in power for both bulbs and climate control systems.”


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