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Alicia LaChance’s ‘Vanishing Point’ on view in the Contemporary Gallery

Alicia LaChance, Ornament of Grammar II, 15×15

Alicia LaChance is a painter and multidisciplinary artist who has shown her work nationally and internationally, ranging from gallery shows to large-scale public commissions. Regardless of the medium, LaChance’s work always revolves around different ways to complicate and expand the flat, two-dimensional picture plane while exploring issues of pattern, repetition, and oblique beauty.

With her exhibition Vanishing Point, LaChance adds to her repertoire of artistic concerns an exploration of transparency, layering, and fragility. With these artworks the images become less about boldness of color and intensity of pattern, and more about subtlety and the slow reveal. Shapes emerge not only from an application of pigment, but from small gestures and layerings of form.

The exhibition will be on view at Georgia Southern University’s Center for Art and Theatre on the Statesboro Campus from Jan. 13 to Feb. 7. There will be a reception at the University Gallery on Feb. 6 from 5-7 p.m. A gallery talk will begin at 5:15.

“I have wanted to feature Alicia’s work for years,” says Gallery Director Jason Hoelscher. “Having seen her paintings and prints for years now in gallery shows and during the art fairs in Miami every year, I’ve enjoyed seeing how her visual vocabulary grows and changes over time. I am excited to bring this important artist’s work to Georgia Southern, and to introduce her to our students and to what we’re doing here in the Betty Foy Sanders Department of Art.”


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