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Sundown on the Snow

Artist: Mattie Lou O’Kelley Date: 1975
Title: Sundown on the Snow
Medium: Acrylic on Canvas Size: 23″ x 36″
Tradition: Aesthetic Objects

Sundown On the Snow

The Artist: 

O’Kelley is the epitome of “folk artist”— self-taught, reclusive, and linked to a rural background. She would often create landscapes that were based on her childhood experiences growing up on a large farm in Banks County, Georgia. O’Kelley started painting when she was 54 years old and was “discovered” by Robert Bishop, former Director of the Museum of Folk Art in Washington, D.C., ten years later.

About the Artwork:

“Sundown on the Snow” is typical of O’Kelley’s work and considered by many art critics a combination of both landscape and memory painting. 

Last updated: 6/1/2021