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Kitty Heaven

Kittie Heaven

Artist: Natalie Longley

Title: Kitty Heaven

Date: 1989

Medium: Ceramic Sculpture

Size: 8″ x 22″ x 4½”

Tradition: Narrative in Art

The Artist: Natalie Longley, a sculptor from Cummings, Georgia, studied at Wingate College in North Carolina, where she was named art student of the year and at Georgia State University in Atlanta, as part of a critique group under Dr. Joseph Perrin. Her works have appeared in exhibitions throughout the Atlanta area, and in private collections in Alaska, Florida, New Zealand, and Japan as well as in the corporate collections of the Coca Cola Corporation, Cotton States Insurance, and Infinity, Inc. Advertising. She has served as artist in residence through a grant from the Cobb County PTA and the Georgia Council for the Arts.

About the Artwork: This artwork depicts a vision of a cat’s heavenly paradise.

Last updated: 2/12/2020