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7 ways to beat homesickness

Leaving your home country to study abroad is a brave and admirable decision to make, but leaving everything you know to explore the unknown can be scary and sometimes produces the feeling of homesickness. You’re likely to miss your family, friends, traditional food and cultural norms while abroad, which may affect your studies and social life.

Here are 7 tips on how you can beat homesickness through creating positive and memorable experiences here at Georgia Southern.

1. Schedule time to connect with friends and family back home: By scheduling a time to connect with your loved ones, it gives you something to look forward to throughout the day. Skype, Whatsapp, Viber, Email and Cell are some of the ways you can contact your home country.12. Keep a journal or diary: Whenever you are feeling sad because of missing home, why not write down your thoughts in a journal or diary? This will give you an outlet to release and document your emotions. It will also give you the opportunity to reflect back on how you felt once your feelings improve.


3. Make new friends: Join a student organization on campus that interests you, the Center of International Studies has many programs for international students. One being the cross-cultural friendship program where international students pair up with American students who share the same interests. Visit International Conversation Hour on Fridays in the Russell Union Ballroom. You’ll have a tasty, free lunch, and the opportunity to mingle with international and American students, as well as faculty and staff.


4. Join the International Extended Families Program (IEF Program): The IEF Program matches international students with local American families. This gives you the opportunity to experience family life while in Statesboro. Families invite international students into their lives and together enjoy a learning and fun experience.


5. Set time aside for fun: There is always something exciting happening on campus, whether it be a football game, social event or opportunity to volunteer through the Leadership and Community Engagement Center. We also have the Recreational Activity Center (RAC) which offers progressive programs from its seven program areas including Aquatics, Club Sports, Fitness, Informal Recreation,Intramural Sports, Southern Adventures and the University Wellness Program.


6. Learn more about your surroundings: As we mentioned in the first blog post, Statesboro is a small town with many things to do on and off campus. You also have the option of visiting Savannah which is only a one hour drive away and is home to the new Tanger Shopping Outlet, River Street and many delicious restaurants. Try local foods, explore your new “home away from home” and create memories you will never forget.


7. Stay positive: Homesickness is a feeling that subsides over time. During your time abroad, remain positive and focus on the things that make you happy. Though you may be far from your loved ones and miss aspects of your culture, celebrate the fact you get to share who you are with those at Georgia Southern while learning and growing as an individual.


Now smile and enjoy your time as a Georgia Southern Eagle!




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