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My Tips for Other International Students

By: Junhyun Bae

(Summer 2017 ELP student from South Korea)

Tips for Packing

Most people who want to be international students do not have plans in detail. They need to be careful when they prepare to pack their luggage. The people who try to pack their luggage are prohibited to put something that might cause problems on the plane. For instance, things that can explode or weapons. Also, they need to remember that they must not put some non-perishable food (meat, milk, and produce, among others). The luggage will not be delivered even if they want, so they need to check their luggage before they send it.

English as a Second Language Travel Packing Tips

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How to Spend Wonderful Time

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It is quite hard to live without entertainment so we need to do hobbies that help to spend our time. The most common hobby is watching movies. I just watched the new movie called Spider-Man: Homecoming. It was great because it helped make me listen to English. And one of the other hobbies is watching TV shows. We can learn lots about different cultures and we can listen to different pronunciations. It also helps to adapt to listening to English in various situations. In addition, traveling somewhere is one of the most beneficial hobbies. We can learn a few lessons from taking trips.

The Most Important Tip

We need to know some customs, gestures, attitudes to avoid making problems between our countries and the U.S.  Sometimes, people make mistakes with committing some actions that must not be used. For example, in Korean restaurants, people usually call waiters or waitresses with a loud voice.  But in the U.S., customers just raise their hands to get the servers’ attention. Another example is that Americans don’t touch other people’s children, even when they are cute. However, in Korea, adults often touch children’s hair or cheeks without any particular reason.  These situations can happen by misunderstanding each others’ cultures and they can make some serious problems.


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