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Fast Food Restaurants in Statesboro

By: Sunghyun “Sunny” Lim from South Korea

 English Language Program Graduate

If you just came to America for the first time and are struggling with a different life than your country, the most important thing to you will be food. You should know where the foreign grocery stores are located and how to cook. In Statesboro, there are just a few local restaurants and it will not taste very good for you. Because of these reasons, you couldn’t live in Statesboro without fast food restaurants. So, here are some tips to survive with the fast food options.

Zaxby’s is the nearest fast food shop from the Nessmith-Lane Center where the ELP classes are located. Zaxby’s sells chicken and sandwiches. There is also toast with butter which tastes good, but the chips are too salty to eat. If you are on a diet, you can eat a ‘Zalad’ which includes chicken and a salad. An interesting fact is that two graduates from Georgia Southern started Zaxby’s when they were students. It has now grown to over 800 locations.

Wendy’s is another fast food place that is also my Korean friend David’s favorite. It is just a hamburger place, but I like “Dave’s Double” 
with a 6-piece chicken nugget. The hamburger consists of lettuce, onion, beef, and cheese like a simple hamburger. Even so, it doesn’t taste salty or too cheesy. It tastes like Burger King’s Whopper.

Chick-Fil-Ais located on campus in the Russell Union building. It has been closed this summer and will reopen in August with renovations. When I went there for the first time, I couldn’t believe it. It was only a sandwich with chicken and pickle. But it tasted good! Only chicken and 4 pieces of pickle! The bread is very soft and it doesn’t taste like other unhealthy burgers. If you order a deluxe burger, you can get lettuce and tomato, but I recommend that you order the original chicken sandwich.

Also, you can get a milkshake with a cherry. I’m sure that you will like it. You can use the app ‘Tapingo’ to order your meal and take out it more quickly.


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