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A Gift Forever

By: Mayra Garcia

If your dream is to be successful and your goal is to feel really free speaking English, you need to start just here, at the English Language Program at Georgia Southern University. Students from all around the world meet here with the best prepared faculty, in order to improve their English skills. With the experiential learning techniques, you will be prepared to organize your own ideas; think in English; learn about how you learn. Because of that, this will be one of the biggest step to be ready for your master degree, PhD, or to reach your personal goals.

Without fear of being wrong, I can to say that everybody here enjoys the classes even if they are studying 5 hours continuously, because the professor has enormous experience and a big background in teaching and learning strategies. The lectures are only part of your classes, and the variety of approaches, lets your brain and your body refresh constantly.

With some really fun interactive activities you will have the opportunity to practice and increase your knowledge through the transversal competences, this means that you not only learn English, at the same time, you will analyze exciting and current topics, that will improve your daily activities and life in general.

 Other interesting situations are that you not only study with peers your own age, in reality, you interact with a variety of people, and that helps to thrive your social relationships. Statesboro, Georgia, is really a great city to be focused in your studies; this is a student – centered city.

For all the above, I strongly encourage you to join us to ensure your success in one of the most prestigious universities. Become a Georgia Southern University Eagle!


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