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An Instructor’s Impact

By: Aminata Oumou Ouangre

Hi, I am Oumou Ouangre and today, I am going to talk about one of the greatest teachers of all time. Her name is Mrs Amy Perry. The first time I came in ELP, she was the first person I met and she gave me the impression of a friendly, helpful and patient woman. As time went by, I learned to know her and I discovered that Mrs Perry is an amazing teacher and a wonderful person. She really cares about people she loves and everyone who is around her is lucky to have her. I really admire her for her kindness, her patience, and the fact that she can almost answer all kind of questions. She literally knows everything and every time I tried to stump her, she finds her way to get me stumped. In addition, Mrs Perry made a huge impact on me. In fact, because of her, I loved learning English, I became more confident and less introvert. If you get to know her better, she is not just a caring teacher but also a fascinating friend and mother. Every time I hang out with her, I never get bored and she taught me and showed me many things whether it is educational or general. Furthermore, if you have any questions or problems concerning anything, she’s always here to give you a hand. I am really happy to have been her student and to be also her friend. She deserves the best and I wish her all the happiness in her life.


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