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Review of the Dining Commons

by Rose Ouedraogo

ELP student Rose Ouedrego from Burkina Faso

A food lovers restaurant! Whether you love everything or you are picky, there is always a great selection of fine foods for you at the Dining Commons. The Dining Common is one of the best eateries on Georgia Southern’s Statesboro campus. It offers a buffet-style where you can eat anything you want for a very little amount of money. Students, professors, and visitors of Georgia Southern University are welcome there. It is located next to the University Store across from Centennial Place Residence Hall, and opposite of Domino’s. When you enter the building, you will see students in two lines; the first line accepts Eagle Express as a form of payment and the other line is where students scan their eyes as a form of identification to enter. The inside is very big, beautiful, has comfortable seats, and a huge place for all students and visitors to meet and enjoy the food. It is open all week from 8 a.m. to 11 p.m. except Friday and Saturday when it closes at 10 p.m.    

Dining Commons-Exterior

My first time to walk into the restaurant, I was amazed by the size of the buffet and the surprising selection of nine stations. The buffet has a good selection of food, such as Mexican, Italian, and all American dishes give a great variety of food for all of us, which caters to breakfast, lunch, and dinner options at any time. I tried to taste every dish but it was just too much. The meals that I have tried were very delicious. For instance two of my favorites are tacos and roasted turkey. You can serve yourself as much as you want.

Dining Commons-Interior

The downside is that you are not allowed to take any food out even if you have to leave for an emergency. Also, you cannot keep the food and return for it. But for only $8.50 you can eat anything you want and that is a good value for your money. If you are on the Statesboro campus and want to have lunch or dinner, I would definitely recommend for you to eat at the Dining Commons and you will not be disappointed. 


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