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Housing Information

Georgia Southern has many housing options to choose for our students during their studies. You can choose to live in dormitories on campus or apartments near campus. There is a bus system that services all dormitories and apartments near campus.  Once you chose where you want to live, you will have to sign a contract that requires you to stay in your housing for a specific amount of time.

Living On-Campus

Choosing to live on campus is a great idea. You will have a better chance meeting friends who speak English. All dorms come furnished and have a shared cooking area. You will also be very close to your classes.

If you would like to live on campus in a dormitory style apartment and learn about options and prices, please visit University Housing.

Living Off-Campus

Many students prefer to live in apartments off-campus. There are many apartments to choose from. Most apartments near the university offer very nice amenities such as: swimming pools, gyms, and computer labs. Most apartments offer both furnished and unfurnished options.

Please visit the following websites to learn more about apartment options.

Off-Campus Housing

Apartment Guide: Statesboro

Rent Cafe: Statesboro


Are you interested in living with a family while you study in Statesboro?  Homestays are a great way to improve your English quickly, make friends, avoid feeling homesick, and understand American culture. If you are interested,  take a look at these companies that can help you find a homestay.

Homestay Network

Last updated: 6/30/2021