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Living in Statesboro

Statesboro is the ideal place to live. As you would expect in the southern part of the USA, Statesboro has a warm climate most of the year!  The town is small and quiet, and the people are very friendly. It is very easy to find your way around Statesboro. When you move here, you will need to know where to go to get yourself settled in your new home. Here are some names of places and links to websites to help get the things you need in Statesboro.

Food Shopping:  There are several places to shop for food in Statesboro. Here are some of the most popular grocery stores.


Walmart Neighborhood Market

Food World


Restaurants:  There are many places to eat in Statesboro. New restaurants open up often.  Please take a look at the Visit Statesboro website to see the restaurant options that Statesboro has to offer!

Last updated: 12/12/2019