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georgia mandarin chinese program 中文

Learn Chinese

Bachelor of Arts in World Languages and Cultures, Concentration in Chinese Studies

Format: In person on the Statesboro Campus
Credit Hours: 124

You know learning Chinese is a gateway to immerse yourself in one of the oldest and most fascinating cultures in the world. But did you also know that in government, in the field, on social media and in the boardroom, the demand for Chinese-speaking professionals is greater than ever?

Get ready to join the more than 1.3 billion Chinese speakers in the world.

China is the largest trading partner with the U.S. ( Learning Chinese opens up the world for your career and is crucial to understanding the social, political and economic dynamics all around us.

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Why Learn Mandarin Chinese at Georgia Southern?

  • Become qualified for high-demand jobs such as an intelligence officer, interpreter, foreign service officer and more
  • Discover career opportunities in government, global/online commerce, international nonprofit organizations and more
  • Study abroad at Central China Normal University!
  • Participate in your own independent study opportunities
  • Enjoy small class sizes that include like-minded students with a passion for Chinese and rich campus life
  • Participate in face-to-face, hybrid and online classes
  • Gain a deeper understanding of culture, art, politics, music, literature, religion and history

We offer a Bachelor of Arts in World Languages and Cultures with a Concentration in Chinese Studies or a Minor in Chinese. As the most spoken language in the world among native speakers and a primary language in business, politics, nonprofits, the military and more, learning Chinese will deliver countless opportunities few others will ever see.

What Can You Do With a Major in Chinese?

Mandarin Chinese speakers are in high demand in the Western world. If you have achieved fluency or professional working proficiency in Chinese, you will have a leg up in the job market for many different positions such as:

  • Broadcast media manager
  • Consultant
  • Contract or corporate consultant
  • Copy Editor
  • Crypto Language Analyst
  • Development program officer
  • Doctor/nurse
  • Engineer
  • FBI/NSA/CIA agent
  • Foreign service officer
  • Government relations specialist
  • Human intelligence collector
  • Human rights representative
  • Immigration and customs work
  • Intelligence analyst or officer
  • International banking
  • International marketing
  • International relations manager
  • Interpreter
  • Journalist
  • Lawyer or legal assistant
  • Legislator
  • Linguist/Language analyst
  • Military translator or interpreter
  • Museum management
  • National Security Analyst
  • Political risk analyst
  • Professor
  • Public relations
  • Reporter
  • Social media manager
  • Teacher
  • Translator
  • Travel and tourism careers
  • Web development
Cody Turner, chinese degree at georgia southern student testimonial

Cody Turner
Major: Bachelor of Arts in Modern Languages with a Concentration in Chinese

I started learning Chinese in the Fall of 2016. I immediately fell in love with it. I ended up completely changing my major from geology to Chinese because I knew that I could go farther with it, although I completely underestimated how far it would take me. I ended up completing the entire Chinese course in roughly two years and graduated in the Fall of 2018. I was the first ever graduate from Georgia Southern with a major in Chinese. I do need to send out a big thank you to my professors Zuotang Zhang, Ru Li, Yanjie Pang and Juan Zhao for aiding me along in my journey. I am now an English Professor at North China University of Water Resources and Electric Power in Zhengzhou, Henan. My journey is far from over, but without Chinese, I don’t believe I would be where I am today.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates job growth for interpreters and translators will be much faster than average through 2029. –

Mandarin Chinese is ranked on the Power Language Index as the 2nd most important language based on: number of native speakers, economic output of native speakers and the importance of the language in world diplomacy. –

Nine out of ten U.S. employers report a reliance on U.S.-based employees with language skills other than English. –

Chinese Language Curriculum

Foundation Chinese Courses

  • Elementary Chinese I
    For students who have never studied Chinese. Focus on basic communication skills (understanding, speaking, reading, and writing Chinese) and cultural understanding. Includes laboratory program.
  • Elementary Chinese II
    Continued focus on basic communication skills (understanding, speaking, reading, writing Chinese) and cultural understanding, with increased emphasis on active use of the language. Includes laboratory program.
  • Intermediate Chinese I
    This course builds upon communication skills (understanding, speaking, reading, and writing Chinese) and cultural understanding which is developed at the elementary level.
  • Intermediate Chinese II
    Continued building upon proficiency skills (speaking, writing, listening, and reading) and cultural understanding. Focus on development of the ability to create with the language, to resolve simple situations, and to ask and answer questions. After completing this course, successful students should be prepared to function minimally in a Chinese-speaking environment and to take CHIN upper-division courses.

Additional Chinese Courses

  • CHIN 3030: Selected Topics in Chinese
    • Chinese Culture through Films
    • Chinese Idioms
    • Chinese Naming Tradition
    • Eating Culture in China
    • News Reports in China
    • Pop Culture in China
    • Quotidian Chinese
    • Songs and Politics in China
    • Tang Dynasty China
  • Studies Abroad
    • Speaking I and II
    • Writing I and II

View All Chinese Course Descriptions

Already know some Chinese? View the Language Course Placement Guide.

Minor in Chinese

Having a minor in Chinese will allow you to communicate intra-, inter- and trans-culturally. You’ll be able to adapt to different environments, be more sensitive to diversity and think more critically.

Asian Studies Minor

china study abroad experience for chinese ba program at georgia southern

Learn Chinese in Study Abroad and Summer Immersion Programs

The Georgia Southern Chinese program also offers study abroad programs and summer immersion programs. Immersion programs allow you to experience pure Chinese culture – make dumplings at your faculty’s house, play mahjong and Chinese checkers, learn traditional calligraphy, practice Taichi and more!

 Study Abroad Curriculum

  • Six credit hours of lower or upper division courses
  •  A series of assignments, both oral and in writing
  • As part of your immersion experience, each morning, Monday-Friday, in small groups, you will spend four hours practicing your language skills with native speakers who are trained in teaching their language to foreigners.
chinese ba program student club hotpot

Chinese Language Clubs, Events and Student Activities

  • Chinese Club
  • Chinese conversation hour
  • Chinese video night
  • Summer immersion programs
  • Chinese Culture Society
  • Chinese Taichi hour
  • Chinese chess hour
  • Shuttlecock hour
  • Chinese festival parties
  • Chinese Poetry Society
  • Chinese calligraphy competitions
  • Chinese dumpling party
  • Chinese hotpot party
  • Pen-pal with college students in China
  • and many more…

Chinese Language Faculty

Georgia Southern’s Chinese program features faculty with decades of experience, Fulbright Scholar teaching assistants from both Mainland China and Taiwan, and visiting scholars from China on a yearly basis. 

The Chinese language faculty ensures that you have endless and enriching opportunities with your success as their ultimate goal and pride. They are genuinely interested in your learning and success, and will provide you with all the tools and support you’ll need during your Georgia Southern learning experience.

Have Any Questions? Please Contact Us!


Dr. Zuotang Zhang
Lecturer of Chinese
Interdisciplinary Academic Building #2081
Phone: 912-478-0244


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