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Masters in Music Technology

student at soundboard

The Music Technology program at Georgia Southern University offers forward-looking education and training to students interested in the intersection of music and technology. The Music Technology program offers a Master of Music degree, a Music Technology minor, and a second discipline in Music Technology (combined with an Information Technology Degree). Both undergraduate and graduate students gain a unique and sophisticated technological skillset.

Under the direction of Dr. John Thompson, the Music Technology program maintains several well-equipped studios and labs. Technical proficiency with the tools of the trade is balanced with an emphasis on creative exploration in the medium. Students are encouraged to delve beyond the surface of the common tools of music technology and into the depths of musical systems programming and interactive media. A variety of courses are offered in the Music Technology program including: Sound Design and Processing, Interactive Media, Digital Audio Montage, and Advanced MIDI Sequencing. Courses cover the historical foundations, theoretical underpinnings, and aesthetic ramifications of technology upon music.

Graduate Study

The M. M. in Music Technology is an advanced program offering students training in the musical use of cutting edge digital audio tools. Students explore areas from musical signal processing to studio techniques examining both the technical aspects and the aesthetic consequences of technological advancements in music. While technology plays a major role, music and creativity remain the focus of the degree. Students take advantage of elective courses offered by Georgia Southern’s Department of  Information Technology, Department of Art, and Department of Computer Science to augment their facilities in computing arts while also taking electives within the Fred and Dinah Gretsch School of Music to further their musical skills. The capstone is a final project developed and produced in consultation with a teacher/mentor.

Concentration Course Requirements for the Degree
Music Technology  
Studios, Lab, and Electronic Music Ensemble
Music Technology Lab More Info
Recording Studios More Info
Vintage Instrument Studio More Info
Electronic Music Ensemble  
Audio and Video Examples

Below are some examples of student works from current and former students.

Title Composer / Performer Type
Composition in Loops
Zachary Berkowitz Video
“to Synaesthesia” – Fixed Video Sample  John Buteyn Video
Interactive Computer Music Study (saxophone)  Yemin Oh;
Alex Sellers (saxophone)
Telesonic  Michael James Olson Video

Music Technology Faculty
  Name Title Email
Thompson Thompson, John Dr. Professor
Music Technology Area Head
Harwood Harwood, Gregory Dr. Professor
Director of Graduate Studies
Music History/Musicology  
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Last updated: 3/30/2022