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LGBTQ+ Initiative

WGSS was fortunate to have a generous donor in 2017, Ted Tucker, whose finds have helped us begin several initiatives for the Program to serve the LGBTQ community and allies. There are community actions that have resulted from these as well.

Resources and National recognition:

  1. Gender Minority closet (free clothing for those transitioning or questioning) Statesboro /Armstrong pending. Also Online!
  2. An LGBTQ library (donated by Ted) (2018-2020) Statesboro / Armstrong pending
  3. A Parent/lactation space: Statesboro / Armstrong pending. Online soon.
  4. Free weekly LGBTQ counseling in the space  (2019 to present) “Love is Love” forum
  5. An LGBTQ Alumni Network with active membership (2020 to present)
  6. GS ranked on Campus Pride Index, a national marker for LGBTQ_friendly universities (January 2020)
  7. All Gender Restrooms in most buildings on all campuses (August 2021)
  8. Preferred name change documents posted to GS website (even without a legal name change) to alter name on email, etc.  (August 2021) and with the Office of Inclusive Excellence
  9. LGBTQ+  scholarship added to GS general scholarships (2020) Barry J. Ward Scholarship
  10. GS became an official repository for the Invisible Histories Project (which archives LGBTQ artifacts documenting Queer History in the South, this will include student internships  (September 2021)

Research and Events:

Ted’s funds also have sponsored:
  1. Student and faculty research in Gender Studies, which has been presented at national conferences, such as NWSA
  2. We invited LGBTQ speaker Bernadette Barton in February 2020
  3. Lavender Graduation was also added to GS in 2018 and now spans two campuses and will occur twice a year.


  1. Statesboro High now has a GSA with a faculty advisor since 2019
  2. The City of Statesboro sponsors BORO Pride every June since 2019

Last updated: 10/18/2021