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Faculty Research


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Click here to view the 2022 Colloquium


The inaugural research colloquium was held in October.

The inaugural WGSS Faculty Research Colloquium took place in October 2021. This event highlights faculty research in WGSS and gender research in other disciplines across our three campuses. The Colloquium is held in October every year.



WGSS faculty was well-represented at the 2018 National Women’s Studies Association (NWSA) in Atlanta, GA. 

The theme for the 2018 convention was Just Imagine. Imagining Justice: Feminist visions of freedom dream making and the radical politics of futures. Lisa Costello, Director of WGSS, Statesboro, moderated a panel titled Imagining Justice: Diverse Hiring, Retention, and Building New University Policies. 

Sarah Rogers, CRJU/WGSS affiliate, moderated a panel called Queering Southern: Insurgent queer practices in the rural South. This panel was sponsored, in part by the Ted Tucker LGBTQ grant. The panel featured Katherine Fallon WRIT/WGSS affiliate, Baker Rogers SOCI/WGSS affiliate, Peggy Shannon-Baker EDUC/WGSS affiliate, and Amanda Hedrick WRIT/WGSS affiliate. Each panelist presented their own original papers. Fallon presented Red state, black ink: Identity disclosure through writing. Rogers presented “Despite everything I said”: The contradictions of ‘passing’ in the South. Shannon-Baker presented Enacting an anti-heteronormative praxis in teacher education. Hedrick presented The difficulty and rewards of queering pedagogy in the rural South. The WGSS program is proud to have all of these scholars represented on an international level.

Last updated: 11/8/2023