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Spring 2018 Courses

The following is a list of courses appropriate to the minor in Women’s Gender Sexuality Studies.  The course list below is for spring 2018.  Please email Dr. Lisa A. Costello at lacostello@ with any question courses listed below.


WGST 2530 Introduction to Women’s and Gender Studies is offered every Fall and Spring.  Though required, this is NOT a prerequisite course.


ANTH 4332                                 Gender and Anthropology

CHFD 3232                                 Sexuality in Human Development

COMS 3333                                 Communication and Gender

CRJU 3538                                  Gender, Crime and Justice

HIST 3137                                    Topics in U.S. Women’s History

HIST 4235                                   The U.S. in the 1960’s

MGNT/LSTD 4334                    Employment Law and Compliance

SOCI 3531                                    Introduction to LGBT Studies

SOCI 4332                                   Sociology of Gender

POLS 3235                                  Gender and Politics

POLS 3239                                  Human Rights in International Relations

PSYC 3232                                   Psychology of Gender

PSYC 3334                                   Social Psychology

WRIT 2090                                 Writing the GLBTQ+ Identity

WRIT 4570                                  Writing, Rhetoric, and Culture

WGST 2530                                  Introduction to Women’s and Gender

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