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Women’s Leadership Series

The Women’s Leadership Series (WLS) ran successfully from 2016-2021 through the WGSS Program. Please see our events archived here on the website. The WLS has transitioned to become an Employee Resource Group (ERG) with the Office of Inclusive Excellence (OIE) for greater access and inclusivity across all campuses. If you are interested in joining the WLS ERG, please visit the OIE website on ERGs:

The Women’s Leadership Series (WLS) kicked off 2017 with its first session  “Perceptions and Identities of International Women in the Workplace.” Team Leaders Arpita Saha, Shainaz Landge, and May Buser De conceptualized this exciting session.  The session was composed as roundtable, with ten international participants from campus and the community, to share the experiences of being international business members, faculty, and students in Statesboro, Georgia. The session was well attended and focused on the enriching experience of coming abroad and contributing to a new community, an adventure not without obstacles.

The Women’s Leadership Series, sponsored by the Women’s and Gender Studies Program (WGST), arose out of a WGST collaborative panel on Women and Mentoring, led by WGST Director Dr. Lisa A. Costello, at the MSC’s Diversity, Inclusion, and Fairness (DIF) Conference in 2016.  The Leadership Series was designed to create leadership opportunities for women to plan and lead sessions, as well as to serve the campus and community by promoting cutting edge material on issues affecting women in leadership.

Past events

Last updated: 1/24/2022